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Shirley conducted training for our graduate academy this year on sales topics ranging from Effective Communication, Carrick Value Proposition, Goal Setting, Effective Sales Environment and Storytelling.

Shirley has been incredibly professional and accommodating in all her dealings with Carrick. Her initial proposal felt unique and bespoke to our graduate’s needs. In addition, she gave me the flexibility to prioritise the modules I felt most important for our graduates.

The training was interactive, relevant to the company and graduate’s roles and lots of fun! The feedback received, and subsequent job performance clearly highlighted the positive effect of the training.

Most importantly, Shirley ensured pre-reading, follow ups, gradings and additional conversations were had with each graduate, on each module! The level of interaction and effort Shirley put into each graduate was truly remarkable. Needless to say, I would highly recommend Shirley, her team and their training program.


Rashay Makan
Carrick Wealth - Operations Director

I have worked with Shirley for several years now, both as a service provider, as well as a client. One of the most impressive things about her is that she is as reliable, passionate, responsive and focused on either side of that relationship. This in my mind speaks volumes about her integrity, respect and commitment to excellence.

Shirley is one of a kind, and one worth having in your arsenal. I have found her to be the breath of fresh air that is so hard to find, but once you find her, the chances are you will not let go. She is a consummate professional in her approach to work, and full of the kind of youthfulness and vibrance that will bring out the best in anyone she works with. She has proven to be a massively valuable partner, and on more than one occasional has come to our rescue at the last minute at some expense to herself.

I would unreservedly recommend Shirley to any organisation looking for a training partner or contract facilitator, and it is with reluctance that I write this endorsement, as I know that once people learn about her incredible combination of skill and personality, she is likely to be less available to us.

Adam Thomas
Business Owner - Learn to Lead

Shirley really diagnosed and understood exactly what we needed and delivered this and more.

She has a fantastic creative side and this, coupled with her expert sales knowledge and overall wisdom meant that we have been able to offer a solution to the business which surpasses expectations.

Shirley kept the training interesting, pertinent and most of all fun.  Our learners took to her instantly and a deep rapport was forged, which has lasted well after the training was completed.

We will continue to partner with Shirley on future projects.

Clelland Kruger
Lead: Learning and Development | Human Resources - Metropolitan

Upon meeting Shirley Anderson I was immediately aware that this was somebody whose energy and enthusiasm would make her super-effective at training and motivating a team.

We booked her without hesitation and we weren’t disappointed. She totally over-delivered on expectation and we have subsequently built a solid working relationship. We are excited to have her on our team.

When it comes to sales training, team building and leveraging talent, she is without doubt one of the best.

Ronald Jessop
Director, Placement Partner, SA's Favourite Software for Recruitment

Shirley worked with our team at Dodgeball SA to build a well thought out sales process, aligned with the goals that the team had set out to achieve.

We learned about unique sales and people principles, which helped us understand what our process should comprise of and achieve.

We then spent several hours creating a value proposition and list of unique selling points that would resonate with out different target audiences and keep all members of the team “singing the same song”.

Then we created a sales funnel and value adding conversation to achieve each specific objectives in the journey and support our customer.

Shirley tied this all up into a very comprehensive manual which can be used in the future to train future staff and ensure we stay true to our compass.

Thank you Shirley. It was lot of fun.

Nicholas Oebelle
Founder of Dodgeball SA

Shirley has worked with myself and my teams at both my salons: Bamboo Beauty Intelligence and Moyen Skin Wellness. We worked on Value Propositions, Sales Conversations and Techniques, Team Building and Engagement as well as Performance Management processes.

She brought order and new vision to them. Each person in the businesses now has a plan, a goal and an aligned vision to achieve together.

Shirley has a wealth of knowledge and a refreshingly different way of approaching business problems.

A great motivator and mentor to have around for any business. It has been a pleasure having her part of our new journey.

Thank you Shirley! An inspiration!

Tracey Steynberg
Partner and Buisiness Development Manager, Moyen Skin Wellness Salon & Bamboo Beauty Intelligence Salon

“Thank you so very much for spending your time training our staff at our Staff Training Day. We thoroughly enjoyed learning more about how we can effectively work together as a team to achieve a common goal, as well as learning a bit more about ourselves and how to handle certain stressful/ difficult situations. Your input was of great help and we can already see how it has changed the way we approach our work and each other.” – view testimonial

won life

“Shirley worked for me in various management and leadership roles over a period of 10 years.  Shirley always added value to the whole team and I could always rely on her no matter how challenging the circumstances.  Shirley delivered large scale change projects in 3 territories (South Africa, United Kingdom and Australia) and in each case all stakeholders were thrilled with Shirley’s work.  Shirley always has a positive attitude and that alone is infectious enough to motivate teams of people to better things.  Combine that with her constant self development and passion for coaching, training and educating sales teams adds up to a winning formula.  I would highly recommend Shirley to help identify problems in sales processes and come up with strategic solutions and robust implementation plans.”

Steven Dick
(Investor, Director, previously Global Sales Director at Virgin Active)

“Thank you Shirley for facilitating the SA Rugby Commercial Team’s 2017 Strategy session. Our group and individual sessions sparked dynamic thinking that engaged us all to formulate a plan that is based on our strengths. Not only that, but the team walked away with a usable tool (in line with current business practice) that would help us turn plan to action. We will enter into 2017 with a plan that everyone believes in and can implement with personal conviction. We look forward to working with you in the near future.”

Tsholo Kubheka
SA Rugby Commercial General Manager

“I’ve worked with Shirley for the past 7 years in both a Strategic Sales and Training capacity. In all these years, she has always shown her love for what she does as well as a very high level of skill.

She has the ability to engage and captivate any level of audience and get her message across in a very unique, Shirley way. Her knowledge of both Training and Sales is of the highest that I’ve come across in the 15 years that I’ve led Sales Teams on all levels across both South Africa and the UK. Her style is both Creative and Effective on all levels of the Sales Funnel. I would recommend her for any person or company that wants to stand out in the crowd and make Giant Leaps Towards both Sales and Financial Success.”

Sherman Voges
Founder of Your Sales Solution (PTY) Ltd


Bring focus and direction with great plans that ensure teams “smash goals”.

Creative methods with serious outcomes!



Empower sales leaders to build teams that are driven, accountable, resilient and highly skilled.

Soft skills backed up with measurable tools.

Topics include:


-Reward your team with a deserved break and lots of fun

-Bring teams together and create commonality, through discovery and valuable experiences

-Overcome team challenges, find solutions and demonstrate specific learning outcomes in a way that surprises and delights


Dodgeball SA partners with us to bring a competitive, luminous and sporty event. They bring their impressive arena, the energy and fun and we bring the learning.


From Minute to Win It, Amazing Race, Paparazzi, Generational Themes (60’s, 80’s etc.) and whatever else your heart desires, we can create an unforgettable session that will keep people smiling and talking way after the event


Strategy done. Now it’s time to make magic!

Get the ball rolling, manage change, build momentum and never chance success.

Navigate around potholes and highlight opportunities on the road to success.



Give your sales people the tools that give them the confidence to have conversations and build relationships that count.

Sales skills + Sales Leadership = Guaranteed Success

Topics include:


Keep ahead of competition, plan for industry trends, create consistency in your business and develop a culture of learning.

Services Include: