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Shirley Anderson – Sales Consulting and Training was founded in October 2016, with a vision of empowering sales people to be the best they can possibly be.

I discovered that over the years, my experiences formed a unique treasure chest of skills that are key to business success. With a passion for creativity I was drawn into the world of graphic design and marketing. Soon after, my social tendencies pulled me into front line sales consultancy roles and sales management positions. Perhaps due to the long line of teachers in my family, my next step was already panned out, as I stepped into the world of training. Of course, still with a focus on sales people. As I grew in business, I found I had an innate aptitude for strategy and communicating visions and plans.

I believe that sales is a life skill that everyone should master! To be successful in sales you should be comfortable with adapting quickly and be comfortable with your own creativity to own the moment!

At Shirley Anderson – Sales Consulting and Training we hone the benefits of process facilitation and experiential learning.

These methodologies allow people to fall in love with learning all over again as well as, empower them to showcase their talents, knowledge and experience so that true innovation and high performance can happen!

After spending time on the front line of sales in a few different countries, I realised I had a knack for leadership. At the age of 22 I was managing my first sales team successfully and continued to grow and learn about myself and the industry. When I entered the Sales Training sphere 4 years later, I found it easy to transfer my excitement and energy over to the learners. It was here where I was intuitively able to understand the needs of my people and align them to that of the organisation I worked for. The best part of my job was to develop unique and creative approaches towards training, development and performance.

I get people. I LOVE people. Why they do things, who they do them for and what drives them to achieve their goals. So, in my furthered career in Senior Sales Leadership I learnt that these strengths helped me to identify talent and provide opportunities for that talent to grow. Also, I was able to identify gaps quickly in either skill, development, process or systems. I worked with the sales team and other departments, to effectively educate and up-skill our people to minimise the risk and implement the solutions as quickly as possible.

My experience in all areas of the sales – whether this be front line, operational, leadership or strategic is what has given me the opportunity to help businesses and their people thrive.


Bring focus and direction with great plans that ensure teams “smash goals”.

Creative methods with serious outcomes!



Empower sales leaders to build teams that are driven, accountable, resilient and highly skilled.

Soft skills backed up with measurable tools.

Topics include:


-Reward your team with a deserved break and lots of fun

-Bring teams together and create commonality, through discovery and valuable experiences

-Overcome team challenges, find solutions and demonstrate specific learning outcomes in a way that surprises and delights


Dodgeball SA partners with us to bring a competitive, luminous and sporty event. They bring their impressive arena, the energy and fun and we bring the learning.


From Minute to Win It, Amazing Race, Paparazzi, Generational Themes (60’s, 80’s etc.) and whatever else your heart desires, we can create an unforgettable session that will keep people smiling and talking way after the event


Strategy done. Now it’s time to make magic!

Get the ball rolling, manage change, build momentum and never chance success.

Navigate around potholes and highlight opportunities on the road to success.



Give your sales people the tools that give them the confidence to have conversations and build relationships that count.

Sales skills + Sales Leadership = Guaranteed Success

Topics include:


Keep ahead of competition, plan for industry trends, create consistency in your business and develop a culture of learning.

Services Include: