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The Importance Of Building A Talented And Engaged Team

Nov 15, 2018 (0) comment

Focused Team

It should come as no surprise that we live in a fast-paced business environment that is evolving daily and business executives face new pressure every day. To help your corporation remain competitive senior managers need to invest time and effort into improving and refining their leadership skills.

If you are an executive you must be able to build solid teams in the face of recruiting and retention realities, keep up with the latest technology and demonstrate high performance to the shareholders. For this to happen they need their teams to be motivated, well trained and believe in their services and offerings

Here are some of the obstacles facing business executives today and our advice to help you meet those challenges head-on:

Skilled Talent Is In Demand

Highly skilled professionals have more opportunities today as all the information are just a click away, companies might find it harder to recruit and retain top performers. In addition, these managers frequently need to oversee staff in several locations sometimes even in different time zones, which makes it even more challenging to motivate employees.

These are some of the questions they face

  • Is there enough sales staff of the right calibre and experience?
  • Where do I find these individuals?
  • How do I mould these individuals
  • How do I remunerate and motivate these individuals?
  • How do I manage these individuals?

This is where successful leaders utilize strong communication skills, clearly explaining to the team their career path and role in the company’s current and future goals, then supporting individuals as they build their own leadership skills and prepare for greater responsibilities.

If you are a savvy leader you will seek feedback on their communication style from fellow managers, mentors and even staff, and follow through on the best suggestions.

Relevant Training — And More Training

In the past, companies understood the basics of their competitors’ business models because most companies operated in a similar way. However, with the rise of technology companies are trying new business models more frequently.

That’s why it’s crucial for executives and managers to stay on par with industry trends and remain open and adaptable to change. In order for the team to be successful, they need to be trained regularly with topics that are relevant and valued.

As the executive, you are the leader and your team will always wonder “ where are you taking me?” With solid training, the team will feel valued, inspired and empowered.

For your next training session consider the following:

  • What skills, knowledge and attitude do my team need to be equipped with in order to achieve high performance?
  • What skills, knowledge and attitude do my leadership (sales management or regional sales management level) need to be equipped with?
  • Are they being trained for EQ (Emotional Intelligence)?

The Need For Accurate Measurement

After you have retained the skilled talents and they received world-class training. They are ready to approach the marketplace. They are now the experts in their industry and need to be measured against the targets so you can show ROI for the shareholders. To ensure you are on the right track take a look below.  

Measurement Questions:

  • What marketing activities should they engage in and what does that look like in terms of daily implementation and measurement?
  • What tools do they need to execute on the plan (marketing, conversation and management tools)?

We believe the quality level of your staff plays a vital role in helping your company to remain competitive, it is crucial for managers to invest time and effort into improving and refining their leadership skills. Successful executives take the time to engage their employees, help them build their leadership skills, and work to grow the business together.

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