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Learning to sell through Experience

Sep 25, 2018 (0) comment

“Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin.

The reality is that in today’s world you are continuously bombarded or distracted in an extremely fast moving environment no matter where you are. Sitting at home, at work, in a classroom or in a public space. The world of instant communication has taken over completely and the ability to retain information or knowledge that is not on your phone, or in your search history is becoming harder by the day.

We are told that we need to continue to grow and learn, keep in touch and ensure we keep up!

Retaining and executing on knowledge learnt is becoming more challenging. Learning in an environment which is safe, engaging and personalised is one of the best ways to ensure that real knowledge and ideas are retained.

Experiential learning is a learning style which is basically learning by doing, the learners take action, reflect on, learn from and take new action based on the experience. Based on the experience the learner has and the reflection on it, he develops new ideas about the content being taught. Because he has experienced these new ideas during the learning they act on them after the experiential phase.

Learning by doing means that you are able to cater to visual, auditory and kinaesthetic needs of your learners. The training environment is a place of collaboration, involvement and discussion so that the ideas or solutions stick. Wanting to remember a new skill is not as important as wanting to implement it after learning and that is where experiential learning is at its strongest.

Check out a few benefits to Experiential Learning:

Author: Joanne Goldblatt, Sales Performance Specialist at Shirley-Anderson Sales Consulting and Training

At Shirley-Anderson Sales Consulting and Training – we strongly believe in experiential learning and process facilitation. We ensure that every learning outcome is achieved through this methodology because the experiential process maximises the implementation, execution and ultimately the performance of the organisation’s objectives.

We want learners to be obsessed with learning through experience, to enjoy the training, have fun, and want to implement their new skills and ideas as soon as possible because not only do they BELIEVE they work but own it entirely!

If this is something you feel your business needs, if you feel that your training needs a boost, let us show you how you can make this your most powerful tool yet to improving your staff engagement and performance…

Book a meeting with us for a taste of the experience.

I operate as a Freelance Sales Effectiveness Consultant, working together with small to large businesses on either short term or long term projects offering support in Sales Strategy, Training, Sales Processes and other tailored solutions to your business needs.

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