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Is Your Team Pulling Together?

Nov 19, 2018 (0) comment

Is Your Team Pulling Together?

Mutual trust is a cornerstone of all successful businesses and one of the principles we often teach salespeople. If you want to inspire your sales team so they are better engaged and implement the plans and take action- Get them to believe. It’s the same that if you want your customer to take action, you need to get them to believe the same thing that you do, the so-called meeting of the minds.

Unfortunately, a number of leaders sacrifice the welfare of employees for personal gain, which results in a demotivated workforce and bad performance. How do we know this is true? These are the comments that we very often hear from salespeople.

“They are calling shots sitting in the twin towers wearing their suits”.

“They come and motivate us at the end of the month because there is nothing more they can do”.

“Our sales director earns way more than us, but doesn’t experience the customer as we do”.

Even though these comments are negative, they come from employees with a completely different perception than senior management. And like it or not, every leadership book will tell you (and we are sure you have read them all). Your perception is your reality. As a sales manager, you believe that you understand the problems and environment that your salesperson is faced with, but they do not believe you do.

Think like them for a moment

  • The salesperson faces the customer each day and may bring their unique knowledge, talents, skills and personality to find a solution.
  • Listen to their problems and unpack the problems, find out how they will take this back to their environment to make it work for them.
  • When they own it, they will believe it. They need to experience it for themselves, to believe it.
  • How can they survive and make a good living in an ever-changing environment?
  • What are their goals? These include earnings and personal or career goals)
  • How can they align these to the business objectives?
  • How can they stay motivated?
  • How they achieve their sales targets consistently?

Remember, your sales success lies with your people, so be careful to not get caught up with the reactive to do list of a manager. Instead, spend time proactively getting close to the people who make success happen! That’s an investment that will pay back over and over.

At Shirley Anderson – Sales Consulting and Training, our sales specialists have worked at the cold face of sales, and equally been leaders of teams where successful initiatives came off the back of exceptionally close relationships. Building exceptional leaders with a team first approach will be the best tool you will have as part of your success strategy.

We can show sales leaders how to create that kind of space where they can bring knowledge, skills and extract positive attitudes that drive success. Contact us for your experiential learning.

I operate as a Freelance Sales Effectiveness Consultant, working together with small to large businesses on either short term or long term projects offering support in Sales Strategy, Training, Sales Processes and other tailored solutions to your business needs.

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