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Close The Gap: Take The “Buts“ Out Of Your Sales Conversation

Oct 27, 2018 (0) comment

Have you ever spent time with a potential client who didn’t buy? Of course you have it’s not pleasant but we all go through it. We live in a tough economy but does that mean people stop buying all together? Good news is they still buy, expect the buying cycle gets longer and they might not buy from you.


The deciding factor for them is “Do I believe that I will be better off when I am buying from you?”


As a passionate salesperson, you will believe and be knowledgeable about the lists of ways you can enhance a customer’s life. Whilst this unequivocal belief is important for any successful salesperson, it can also become their biggest trap!


Why is this the case?

At any point in the buyer’s journey, there will be areas where the belief system of a salesperson will differ from that of the buyer. For example, the buyer may not be aware that they have a need, or they may not see the value in a particular feature or they may think the process of taking up your product is too lengthy or your product is too expensive. Like it or not that is their belief and no amount of “buts “is going to make them believe any different.

“but…we are the best or “however…look at all the features you get” OR “yet…we can help you along the way”…

So, take the “but’s”out of your sales conversation. If you can align with your customer, they will be more open to accepting your alternative solutions.


Here are 5 ways to align with your customer, their belief system and still get your point across:

1.Accept that your customer has an alternative belief and ensure they know you are listening to them eg. ‘I hear what you are saying’

2.Eliminate words from your conversation that oppose their opinions like “but, however, and yet “and rather use words that build on their opinion eg. ‘I hear what you are saying…AND/ALSO need to consider the following…”

3.Invite their opinions and draw on your customer’s experience by asking questions eg. “So what in your opinion is the most valuable service you could gain from this product/service offering?”

4.Accept that it’s your customer’s decision. You don’t need to make the decision for them. Eg. ‘I can’t convince you what the right decision is to make, what are the pros and cons of moving forward so you can make your decision more confidently.”

5.Appreciate their knowledge and invite them to be part of finding the right solution, rather than thinking you know best. Eg. “Wow you have done so much research, you deserve a high five. What else did you find was valuable?”


These five ways of aligning with your customer are simple and powerful as it will ensure that your customer feels important, understood and in control of their decision. For you, you will give you a collaborative way of forming solutions for your customer, without the fear that you unintentionally become the “pushy salesperson”.

I operate as a Freelance Sales Effectiveness Consultant, working together with small to large businesses on either short term or long term projects offering support in Sales Strategy, Training, Sales Processes and other tailored solutions to your business needs.

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