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3 Things You Need To Know About Your Company’s Tribal Roots

Jul 09, 2017 (0) comment

Author:Josh Ramsey – Emotional Intelligence Expert & High Performance Coach

I visited a large corporate HQ the other day, and it struck me how much effort had been made, seemingly to convince me that everyone and everything was in it together. Everything from the parking signs to the coffee cups, from the welcome desk to the access cards all assured me that everyone was in it together. In my experience as an interpersonal Coach and Group Facilitator, I have found time and again that when someone or in the above example something is putting a huge amount of effort into trying to convince you of something, its normally because if they didn’t put in that effort, you would see something else.

So when I work with a team and see how much effort they are putting into ‘being the best’ or ‘staying positive’ I immediately wonder what colossal force is at play in the team which needs such a fantastic response to in order to keep it from emerging.

You see human beings, whether they were hunting and gathering 40 000 years ago or are strategizing and selling today still have the same Tribal motivations.

Stick with the group, work to get reward and don’t get kicked out of the group.

So, instead of spending all of your and your teams effort trying to convince everyone around you (and most importantly, yourselves) that you are [insert company value statement here], why not invest in creating the kind of company spaces where anyone visiting (and especially yourselves), would immediately assume your values, not by what you do or say, but rather by how you do and say it?

Here are some simple ways to get started:

  1. Shared Intention

Invest a few moments at the start of each meeting (or day) to hear what each team member intends to get out of or bring into the meeting. Invest time in hearing HOW they intend to interact with other team members.

  1. Mutual Agreements

Invest in having a conversation about what the explicit (stated and recorded) agreements are of team space. This may include practical agreements with regards how your team interacts or protocols for managing high stress or conflict situations. Make sure the agreements are all in fact mutual and not dictated, placed where they can be regularly seen, and updated at regular Mutual Agreement check ins.

  1. Congruent Feedback

Invest in developing you and your teams ability to recognise how to best engage one another by offering feedback in a congruent manner. This means that the person receiving feedback is receiving it in their own communication style. Making this effort sends a strong message that that team member is valued and their input is important. The more congruent feedback the team circulates, the better their choices will be.

Its not the team or company which shouts the loudest about what they do best that will be resilient enough to withstand the constant uncertainty of fluctuating markets and competition. But rather the ones which invest in building a strong container, which can hold the team as they navigate even the most unexpected circumstance.


For a practical exploration of these 3 simple tools, join us at out our next event:

Building the Container

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